February 23, 2018

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Where Are The Fourth of July Fireworks?


The Luken Kids' Fun Run begins at 7 the Maryland Farms YMCA. July 4th, 2017- The Johnson County Chamber of Commerce "4th of July Celebration , Parade & Day in the Park". ► What: The Greystone Country Club's annual Fourth of July celebration is an event for the whole family , with events including the Radio Flyer Children's Parade and a carnival. Read More »

USA judge halts deportation of over 100 Iraqi Christians


The latest filing said that even though most of the Iraqis were ordered to be deported years ago, " the government released them, often under orders of supervision". That executive order and the revised order that followed were both challenged in lower courts which ruled in favor of the states that brought suit, setting up today's decision by the U.S. Read More »

Father of missing California boy was flight risk


Friday, investigators arrested 35-year-old Aramazd Andressian Sr ., accused of the murder of his 5-year-old son Aramazd Andressian Jr . Aramazd Andressian Jr. said he may have been attacked. Investigators discovered that Aramazd Andressian had lightened the color of his hair, shaved off his beard and was making plans to head to a country where he could avoid extradition back to the United States, officials said at a news conference. Read More »

Sanders Says Fraud Investigation into Wife Won't Be 'Distraction'

Sanders' adviser Jeff Weaver told CBS that it's flat-out false that Bernie lobbied for the loan and stated that "the loan was approved by the financial board at the college". Sen. Sanders has indicated that he believes the investigation is based in politics. Toensing was also a Vermont chairman for the Trump campaign. But that hacking is at the core of the investigation into Russia's possible meddling in the campaign so whether he meant to or not, Trump's tweet once again brings ... Read More »

Trump Suggests His 'Tapes' Tweet Was To Keep Comey Honest

Asked point blank if Mueller should recuse himself from the Russian Federation investigation, Trump said: "Well, he's very, very good friends with Comey, which is very bothersome". On 16 June, Mr Trump sent out a tweet appearing to accept he was under investigation , although later his aides suggested that was not the intention. Read More »

Mom charged in deaths of 2 children found in hot car


Twenty-four-year-old Cynthia Marie Randolph was jailed Friday on two counts of causing serious bodily harm to a child. The children died after spending several hours in the auto. She claimed that she broke one of the car's windows to try to save them. How did that work out for her? A 23-year-old West Texas man has been arrested and charged with five felonies for a traffic wreck that left three people dead and he and three others hurt. Read More »

Ham radio operators host Field Day weekend at NHMS

He is no stranger at organizing ham radio operators to serve a community's communications needs. Anyone can become a licensed amateur radio operator. Clubs and individuals set up gear and temporary antennas away from home using emergency power sources such as batteries, portable generators, solar panels and anything other than household power. Read More »

Trump signs bill aiming to hold VA employees accountable

Under the new law, protections for whistleblowers will be expanded and the VA will be prevented from dismissing an employee who has an open complaint against the department. Shulkin pushed for this kind of reform bill during his confirmation process and in the first months of his tenure, arguing that the department was "still in critical condition" and more accountability was needed to improve the treatment veterans receive. Read More »

Mo Brooks' name appeared on James Hodgkinson assassination hit list, report says


Law enforcement officials proceeded Friday with their investigation of the attack at a suburban Virginia park, including examining Hodgkinson's social media activities and his home in Belleville, Illinois. The update came on the heels of a Federal Bureau of Investigation press conference given that morning, which gave further details on the shooting at the Congressional baseball practice last week. Read More »

Dashcam video shows officer firing 7 shots into Castile car

Castile could be heard volunteering the fact that he had a firearm in his vehicle. The statement appeared in the transcript of Yanez's questioning by investigators in July previous year, in which the officer also failed to disclose that Castile had said out loud that he was "not reaching" for his handgun after being warned not to do so. Read More »

Senate GOP aiming for vote this month on health legislation

On Tuesday, the Senate Budget Committee chair announced that the Senate parliamentarian would allow the bill to be considered under reconciliation, a process that would avoid a Democratic filibuster. "Of course, it's not everything I want, but that's life". Under current matching rules, Nevada would pay $113 million a year to cover those who received Medicaid under the expansion in 2021. Read More »

Trump says travel ban ruling comes at 'dangerous time'


Circuit Court of Appeals panel, made up of three judges appointed by President Bill Clinton, upheld the injunction on Monday against President Donald Trump's revised executive order temporarily halting entry from six terrorist safe haven nations". Read More »

Democrats stall Senate work to protest healthcare secrecy


His chamber has not held any committee hearings or votes on the measure he's trying to craft, and even some GOP senators are critical. The American Hospital Association warned Senate Republicans Monday against including large cuts to Medicaid in its healthcare bill. Read More »

Scalise doctor hopes for 'excellent recovery' despite risk

The man who opened fire on Republicans practicing for the Congressional Baseball Game Wednesday morning had a list of names on him at the time, a source confirmed to WTOP . The trauma director said it was too soon to estimate how long hospitalization would be necessary. Griner remains hospitalized at MedStar Hospital after getting shot in the ankle, and Sava described her in good condition. Read More »

Man who shot congressman was living in van, called a loner

Hodgkinson of Belleville, Ill. A gunman opened fire at a Republican baseball practice early Wednesday morning, shooting several attendees. (AP Photo/ Ben Finley). He was a fiery guy, known for the occasional bar fight. She said she wasn't sure if there was a catalyst for him leaving. Hodgkinson had contacted Rep. Read More »

Trump Visits Heroic Capitol Police Officer And Her Wife


Bailey was not shot but was treated for a minor injury and has been released from a hospital. "I spoke with Special Agent Bailey and Special Agent Griner this morning", Ryan told his colleagues on the House floor. "There's no escaping a guy with a, you know, he had several hundred bullets and we no weapons and no place to hide". Jeff Flake , R-Arizona; Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Florida; and Rep. Read More »

Play ball! GOP, Democrats battle as one - Team Scalise

The Democrats won the game, 11-2. Doyle gave the winning trophy back to the Republicans to put in Scalise's office. "That is the source of unity, and more than ever, we must embrace it". "In Washington , we have our disagreements, but we all agree that we are here to serve this nation we love and the people who call it home ", Trump said. Read More »

Pence hires outside legal counsel


Vice President Pence has lawyered up. He dismissed as "phony" the idea that his campaign colluded with any Russian effort to sway the 2016 election . -Cuba policy. The Washington Post first reported Pence was hiring counsel. He has defended large corporations in Department of Justice investigations, and served as Virginia's attorney general in the late 1990s. Read More »

Attorney General Jeff Sessions to testify in public Tuesday

But former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan recently told Congress that his "radar" went off anytime Russians met with the Trump campaign because he knew the Russians were trying to influence the election, and he knew they often did that by trying to recruit "either wittingly or unwittingly" US officials to help. Read More »

Attorney General Sessions next up for Capitol Hill scrutiny

Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, an intelligence committee member, said senators were still deciding whether Sessions would be asked to testify in a classified briefing after the public hearing. Comey seemed to suggest during his testimony that Sessions had an undisclosed Russian Federation issue that would have led to his eventual recusal from the investigation. Read More »

Sessions wants his testimony open to public

And if he disagrees with Comey and explains in a public hearing the reasons for his recusal, it will likely lead to more questions about why he didn't also recuse himself from the firing of Comey. In his testimony, Comey said he had asked Sessions not to leave him alone with Trump following meetings where he said Trump had asked Comey for his loyalty. Read More »