March 24, 2018

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Voicemail-like video messages are coming to Duo

10 March 2018

If you're calling someone and that person declines the call or misses, you'll be able to leave him/her a video message. The message can be recorded up to 30 seconds, and will automatically disappear after a day. The video messages feature has already started rolling out to Android smartphones and iPhones, with the feature widely available worldwide in the next few days. But for those who do, the app offers pretty good audio and video quality, according to App Store reviews.

The feature is now being rolled to all Google Duo for Android and iOS users across the globe. The same goes when you're trying to catch your best friend to rave about your favourite basketball team's recent win. Google Duo Video Messaging Feature will Let You Send Video Messages if your recipient is not attending your phone. Soon all users will get this update. One interesting thing about this feature is that all the messages are end-to-end encrypted which means that the messages and the conversation are secure.

Video messages in the Duo app can be played by tapping on the sender's icon. They can also tap the "Call now" button after they have watched the video to easily call them back right away.

Other users will receive the video within the Duo app with an option to play the video message.

Voicemail-like video messages are coming to Duo