March 18, 2018

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Nothing was around before the origin of the universe: Stephen Hawking

07 March 2018

Famous physicist Stephen Hawking says that he has the answer on what was out there before The Big Bang.

"Nothing was around before the big, big bang...according to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, space and time together form a space-time continuum or manifold, which is not flat, but curved by the matter and energy in it".

Hawking had previously said that events that happened before the Big Bang "have no consequences that can be observed", so there is no way to measure what happened, according to Tech Times.

Professor Hawking once again mentioned the dangers humanity faces with the development of artificial intelligence and the need to find a new planet for the continuation of the human species.

"We can consider the imaginary and real time, beginning at the South pole, and it is a point of space-time where the normal laws of physics remain".

The Big Bang theory holds that the universe in retrospective can shrink to the size of an extremely small "subatomic ball" known as the singularity. Some of the most strident opposition to this theory comes not from other scientists but from theologists and lay-believers who pose the question (not necessarily in as many words): "If there was something that exploded during the Big Bang, where did that something come from?" Hawking's answer? Nothing, he explained.

His theory is based on the assumption that the universe has no boundaries.

He also talked about the concept of no boundary condition to elaborate more clearly about his opinion on the origin of the universe.

Physicist Stephen Hawking sits on stage during an announcement of the Breakthrough Starshot initiative with investor Yuri Milner in NY. "It just seemed that way from mankind's perspective", Hawking said, hinting that a lot of what we believe is derived from a human-centric perspective, which might limit the scope of human knowledge of the world. But, he said that that didn't there before Big Bang event, it began after the Big Bang when the Universe started expanding.

What happened before the Big Bang?

There is nothing south of the South Pole, in much the same way there was no time or space before time or space existed (in our understanding of it) before the Big Bang. However, for Hawking, there was not the definite starting point of time and universe.

The president of Reasons to Believe also told CP that the model that Hawking is proposing for the origins of the Universe is problematic in light of modern astronomical observations.

Nothing was around before the origin of the universe: Stephen Hawking