March 24, 2018

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Michael B Jordan offers to replace fan's retainer

08 March 2018

"That is the f-- funniest s- ever to me this tiny [18-year-old] girl thirsting so goddamn hard she busted steel".

The web-based fairy tale started on Tumblr, when an orthodontist reblogged a "get you a man who can do both" post about Killmonger with a personal account of Jordan's impact in his workplace.

Unsurprisingly, her reaction to the Tumblr post took off - with Robb also reassuring Twitter users that she was only joking about the "I'm going to kill myself" line - and it seems even Jordan saw the amusing side of the incident. "I'm going to kill myself". She also defended the orthodontist in several other tweets, stating that she will continue seeing him as her orthodontist. While the post doesn't mention her by name, she knew it was her, saying "Wait".

The internet found the whole thing hilarious, especially when the patient in question found the post and confessed that it was about her.

Jordan has moved on from breaking foes in "Black Panther" to breaking a retainer belonging to one of his biggest fans. "I really do not know how I would respond", Robb said.

A story about a person who was particularly passionate about Jordan was shared via Tumblr recently. But another reason why the movie is so great is the cast. The orthodontist even had to defend himself since some claimed he violated his patient's confidentiality, although he didn't reveal anything about her, except her age, which in fact was the wrong age, and it was Sophia herself who confirmed her own identity on Twitter, and not the orthodontist. The 31-year-old Jordan felt slightly responsible for the incident so offered to help replace her retainers.

Sophia's prayers were answered, because Michael B. Jordan has swooped to the rescue.

Michael B Jordan offers to replace fan's retainer