March 24, 2018

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Marvel Studios head confirms 'Black Panther' will be getting a sequel. Duh

10 March 2018

It looks like fans will definitely be getting a sequel to Marvel's Black Panther.

While we wait for this idea to come off the back burner, Feige did say that Marvel "absolutely will do" a sequel for Black Panther. "One of the favourite pastimes at Marvel Studios is sitting around on a part one and talking and dreaming about what we would do in a part two".

If Black Panther does get nominated for Best Picture then it would be the first comic book movie to get the achievement as superhero movies usually get nominated in categories such as Visual Effects or Sound Editing, they are rarely considered for the prestigious awards.

Feige went on, saying that there's already been plenty of talk about what'll happen in Black Panther 2, and that there's "a pretty solid direction on where we want to go" with it. According to Deadline, the film will fall behind Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War, but could potentially top Spider-Man: Homecoming when the final numbers are released.

Although that's a no-brainer-Marvel would have a death wish to give up on Wakanda-we should be aware of Marvel's usual setup. Currently, the Ryan Coogler-directed Black Panther is breaking records left and right and has disproved a number of old Hollywood myths. In an interview given to Entertainment Weekly, Kevin Feige said that he knew exactly where to go with the second part devoted to the adventures of the king of Wakanda.

"Yes. I think we're seeing it shift from a very purposeful initiative to just a fact of life, to just a way of doing business. I will say just the notion of having what, frankly, most other companies with [intellectual property] have all along, which is access to all of their characters, that would be fun".

No matter how exciting that sounds, there is a certain method to the Marvel madness.

With that said, one thing Marvel will continue to uphold is diversity. Black Panther now sits at $940.3 million as of last night's ticket sales, so a strong global debut and a solid domestic performance should be enough to bump Marvel's latest superhero movie into the 10-figure club. The report also noted that Disney would not only campaign for "Black Panther" but also for the upcoming film, "Mary Poppins Returns". "If you do that, audiences will notice it, and appreciate it, and support it".

Marvel Studios head confirms 'Black Panther' will be getting a sequel. Duh