March 18, 2018

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Macron and Modi kick-start International Solar Alliance

14 March 2018

March 11 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday at the Founding Conference of the International Solar Alliance (ISA), listed out ten action points to bring about a worldwide solar revolution. Besides 6 Vice-Presidents and Deputy Prime Ministers and 19 ministers as head of delegations attended the conference. ISA is an inter-governmental organization, which targets to mobilize $1 trillion in funds for future solar generation, storage and technology across the globe. Of these, 61 have signed the framework agreement and 32 have also submitted their instruments of ratification. "Our solar mamas, who we just listened to, didn't wait for us".

The Agenda also called for facilitating affordable finance, access to appropriate, clean and environment friendly technology and undertaking capacity building, including forging mutually beneficial partnerships with reputable global institutions and reputable financial institutions for the benefit of developing countries.

Out of the 27 projects for which Modi offered financial assistance, 23 of them are African countries.

The alliance involves 121 prospective member-countries that fall between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, and are exposed to the "maximum solar intensity of over 300 days a year", acording to a bureaucrat at the Indian external affairs ministry.

The French president also said France was more than tripling its commitment to the ISA alliance. This will take France's total commitment to the solar alliance to 1,000 million euros. These include EDF, Dassault Aviation, Schneider Electric and Suez. Macron referred to countries, without giving names, which have quit the Paris climate agreement and said "ISA nations came together to deliver complete results".

French President Emmanuel Macron has taken a swipe at Donald Trump for withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement.

Referring to "solar mamas", a group of African women trained as solar engineers under an Indian government program, Macron said these women "didn't wait and didn't stop because some countries chose to just leave the floor and leave the Paris agreement". "There is an vast opportunity at hand to bring its benefits to more and more countries around the world", said Mr. Amin. "We will generate 175GW of electricity from renewables by 2022, of which 100GW of power will be from solar energy". He also mentioned that his country will commit €1 billion to the alliance, through the French Development Agency.

The ISA's major objectives include global deployment of over 1,000 GW of solar generation capacity and mobilisation of investment of over United States dollars 1 trillion into solar energy by 2030.

Macron and Modi kick-start International Solar Alliance