March 18, 2018

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Duluth curling community prepares to welcome home Olympic team

02 March 2018

The Swedes hugged and jumped up and down on the ice.

"It's the first competition and at home", Lee said after crying on the medal stand, according to the Associated Press.

The team of "rejects" was led by John Shuster who had been cut by USA Curling after a disappointing performance in Sochi in 2014.

Team USA won a total of 23 medals in Pyeongchang, South Korea ― nine gold, eight silver and six bronze medals among them.

That feat requires context to fully appreciate.

The 2018 Winter Olympics has come to an end with the closing ceremonies. He went 2-7 and finished 10th at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

"I look back at 2006 and standing on the podium and getting an Olympic medal and it being one of the most incredible moments of my life and hearing someone else's national anthem, because someone else won the gold", Shuster said.

"Time and time again, he got back up and he wrote his story, and he's an Olympic champion". "And it will probably go down in curling history for our country and I was glad I was able to do that for my team".

Jansen won his only Olympic medal in his third Winter Games.

Friends, relatives and total strangers turned out to greet Team Shuster after winning their historic gold medal at the Olympics in South Korea. It never lost again.

But they did it in thrilling fashion, with their gold medal match over Sweden culminating in a rare five-ender, wherein Shuster's last throw of the eighth end sent both red-handled Swedish stones out of scoring range. "While there are no seats now available for upgrades, we are working with our employee teams to celebrate their gold-medal achievement ahead of departure and in flight". They got us in trouble, too, so good for them.

KRAKER: John Landsteiner, when he's not curling, is an engineer in Duluth.

Rebeca Andrew, has been curling for 16 years and grew up playing the sport. "You did it", Turner said.

"For me and John..."

McFarland's Matt Hamilton has gone from reject to Olympic champion. His last name is attached to it, forever.

Tyler George, who owns a liquor store in Duluth, said he felt a lot of responsibility representing Team USA. "To do it when it mattered most is what I'm most proud of"'.

"It started with that unbelievable kick by Jessie Diggins", he said, referring to the cross-country skier's come-from-behind gold medal victory along with her teammate Kikkan Randall.

For one day, at least, the United States is a curling nation. They even have a big bar with alcohol. "Box of beer!" It became a ritual.

Then, hoisted in the air, Shuster's young son Luke led a cheer, "Give me a U, give me an S, give me an A, who are we?"

"Give me U", he screams.

Shuster often hears Luke's voice down on the ice, which he says makes him smile and feel relaxed.

A back-and-forth match settled into a 5-5 tie through seven ends before the USA broke through with a rare five-point end in the eighth. Tears start to flow. Grandma Jackie has Luke, who is giddy with excitement. Could I make it another two hours to see if we could win the gold or am I going to sleep.

Duluth curling community prepares to welcome home Olympic team