March 24, 2018

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Daylight saving time 2018: Seven things to know about 'springing forward'

09 March 2018

Since the state is closer to the equator they too see more sunshine and warmer temperatures throughout the year.

"Springing forward" became a way of life in the United States during the energy crises of the 1970s. During Daylight Saving Time, more people travel to and from school and work and complete errands during the daylight.

The entire southern hemisphere: A few countries, mostly in South America, do observe daylight saving time. When we have to get up early, and it's still entirely dark outside, we probably wish standard time were still in place.

Mark Ward, founder of Wiregrass Courier, an Alabama-based courier service that transports cargo to Alabama, Florida, and Georgia, said that while adjusting to a different time zone in Florida would take some effort, it would not have a major impact on his company.

Air conditioning was not as widespread back then as it is now.

Do you think it's important to change the clocks? Heart attacks spike in the week after the start and end of DST. That simple observation undermines the old saw crediting DST to farmers.

Smartphones are programmed to adjust automatically to DST's beginning and end, but many watches and clocks must be reset manually.

States up and down the East Coast are weighing legislation to ditch the clock-switching that happens on the second Sunday in March and again on the first Sunday in November.

A man checks one of four custom, flush mounted clocks, destined for installation in Kansas City, Missouri, at the Electric Time Company factory in Medfield, Massachusetts, March 8, 2013.

To fall back or not?

But changing time zones could have an economic cost, too, especially in a region like the Northeast, where millions of people commute across state lines.

That means you'll lose one full hour of time and spend that first week perhaps groggy, disoriented and maybe even in a bad mood.

Daylight saving time 2018: Seven things to know about 'springing forward'