March 24, 2018

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Britain and Saudi Arabia target 65 billion pound trade and investment ties

10 March 2018

Corbyn said British military advisers were "directing the war" in Yemen.

The signing of a new and comprehensive UK-Saudi "Strategic Partnership Council" - an initiative to encourage Saudi Arabia's economic reforms and foster cooperation on issues such as education and culture, as well as defence and security.

The Saudi foreign minister, Adel Al Jubeir, has responded to the massive protests, claiming they are based on a "misunderstanding" of his country's military aggression against Yemen, the poorest Arab country. London has been vying with NY for the listing but an announcement is not imminent, according to a person familiar with plans for the visit.

The government introduced physical education for girls past year and began licensing women's sports clubs, but Saudis are still coming around to women running in public.

"The effect of that has been significant and extensive of targeting of civilian infrastructure and very large numbers of civilian casualties, including very large numbers of children". Despite the parliamentary rejection, Pakistan still provided some naval assistance early in Saudi's Yemen operations, and since then, the two militaries have conducted joint exercises.

"The regime has carried out atrocities against Saudi people for decades, and has inflicted a awful humanitarian catastrophe on the people of Yemen". The visit follows a sojourn in the United Kingdom and possibly France on the same missions, wooing western investors to inject capital into Saudi Arabia and bringing nuclear technology to the kingdom.

However, anti-war activists and human rights campaigners have designed buses and vans touring London over the past two days with banners accusing bin Salman of war crimes. Crown Prince Mohammed's visit to St. Mark's Cathedral is bound to shore up Sisi's standing with the Christian community as he heads into a frankly dubious election this month-an electoral ritual he will certainly win, since every credible opponent chose to drop out of the race, but weak turnout would be embarrassing.

"She will also reiterate how seriously we take allegations of violations against worldwide humanitarian law and emphasise the need to ensure that these are investigated swiftly and thoroughly". They also mentioned that Saudi's closest ally had been found linked to efforts to have the US Secretary of State sacked for failing to support the blockade on Qatar.

"They have given advice in relation to how targeting is done, to make sure that civilians are not involved".

The crown prince will be guest of honour at a lunch on Wednesday hosted by the Queen and a dinner hosted by the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge.

May said she planned to raise humanitarian concerns with Mohammed at the meeting, which was expected to continue Thursday at her country estate.

Britain and Saudi Arabia target 65 billion pound trade and investment ties