March 24, 2018

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Bachelor Nation Is Crushing on Becca's Ex-Boyfriend So Hard

01 March 2018

"After putting up with a lot of stuff in past relationships, I know what I want and I know what I don't want".

There will be a three-hour finale episode at 8/7c on Monday, and then a live two-hour After the Final Rose at 8/7c on Tuesday. Arie, following his script, made it sound like it had, noting that seven years was a long time to be with someone and suggesting in his confessional there was "still some love there". But then there's a wrench in the love fest-Arie walks out of the Fantasy Suite wearing shorts with black socks. Even though she's 10 years younger than Arie, he always seemed impressed with the 26-year old's skills, talents and interests. Later, Becca rolls up to dinner dressed like she raided Buffy the Vampire Slayer's closet, complete with velvet slip dress and black choker. Kendall told Arie she loved him; Arie told Kendall he loved her and they kept saying it to each other after they repaired to the fantasy suite (another tent; what it lacked in luxury it made up for in charm).

Our favorite thing that we learned about Ross, however, is that he went to a filming for the game show Let's Make a Deal with Wayne Brady. and dressed up as Netflix and chill? After the show wraps, however, he'll realize he's made a bad mistake and call things off with Becca. Um, didn't he say the same thing to Lauren?

"Why is hotel management here?"

"Ross, oh my f--ing god", said Becca.

Their date began with them horseback riding on the beach right along the water's edge which is quite possibly the most iconic romantic hometown date I have ever seen. Basically he thought they were on a break. OKHereIsTheSituation has reported that the visitor is Becca Kufrin's ex-boyfriend Ross Jirgl and he comes to the show in order to win back his ex-love. She ended her segment by apologizing and tearfully announced that her brother, who had been living on the streets, saw her on the show and is transitioning back to living with his family. "Ross is like, ", doubt it". He goes for the big question anyway, literally proposing to Becca. Arie doesn't seem to realize that the producers totally set him up. When he goes to Becca's door though, she shuts him out and won't invite him into her Peruvian mini villa. And he's like yeah, duh. Holliston native Caroline Lunny called out bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. for. something, though just what it is, viewers don't yet know.

Arie has had a busy week. Well, it starts with the sheer idea that Arie may be indecisive in his decision - he's already said that he is in love with both women and just that alone could suggest that he could have some trouble figuring that out. He knows what he needs to do, though. He tells her that their relationship just isn't there yet. And Chris Harrison get to the real story behind Bekah M. being listed as a missing person.

So, to recap, Arie is in love with Becca and Lauren but only "falling for" Kendall. Arie can sense Lauren's in her head, and when they're back on land she admits she keeps pulling back because she's afraid she'll get hurt.

Basically, this dude feels that this proposal is "his to give", to which Arie asks him whether or not he's just inspired by the "competition side of things". This should end well.

Bachelor Nation Is Crushing on Becca's Ex-Boyfriend So Hard