February 25, 2018

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UAE- Burj Khalifa lights up with Indian national flag

11 February 2018

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi embracing Jordan King Abdullah II on his arrival. Prime Minister Modi will also deliver a keynote address at the World Government Summit in Dubai where India is a guest of honour this year.

Abbas has sought global support for replacing the USA as sole Mideast mediator after President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

"We never have and never will reject negotiations", said Abbas.

The US has cut funding to the Palestinians, saying it would only resume once they return to peace talks.

Commenting on the Palestine-Israel conflict, President Abbas said, "We have said and will say we are ready to engage in negotiations". Palestinians seek a state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem, lands Israel captured in 1967, but no meaningful talks on statehood through a partition deal have been held for nearly a decade.

Narendra Modi pledged $40 million for economic development in the Palestinian territories, marking the first-ever visit by an Indian prime minister to the West Bank.

The UAE granted the temple project after India conveyed the demand of its nationals for a place of worship during Modi's 2015 visit to the country.

"In this regard, we affirm our keenness to strengthen our relations in security matters and combating terrorism", the PA president said. Modi became the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Palestine. Modi's visit to Palestine comes amid heightened tensions in the region after U.S. recognised as the capital of The unilateral U.S. decision to declare as the capital of was challenged at the where 128 nations, including India, voted to turn down the move as "null and void".

"I have assured President Abbas that India is committed to the Palestinian people's interests", he said. "India and Palestine's historic relations have stood the test of time".

Modi's path-breaking visit was marked by a helicopter provided by the Jordanian government flying him to Ramallah with two Israeli choppers as escorts, perhaps also a first, with the ministry of external affairs posting a brief video of the flight on social media.

Arafat, he added, was a "special friend of India and his contribution to Palestine is historical".

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has lit its iconic buildings from Friday night ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit.

India has been continuously supporting the Palestinian cause at various worldwide foram.

He also expressed hope that peace in the region would be achieved quickly through dialogue and understanding.

UAE- Burj Khalifa lights up with Indian national flag