February 25, 2018

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TRU joins the conversation on Bell Let's Talk Day

03 February 2018

"Even if you don't want to talk about your mental health, having a conversation with someone, connecting with people through conversation is good for your mental health so do not forget to take time to talk".

Bell will donate five cents to mental health programs for each #BellLetsTalk tweet; each view of the Bell Let's Talk video on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat; and each use of the Bell Let's Talk Facebook photo frame and Snapchat filter. Chenhall said people shouldn't be afraid to simply talk about mental illness. The number of people suffering from anxiety and depression has increased over recent years along with suicide rates. "Just talking to the people in your life, letting them know when you're struggling and allowing them to help are important steps". It's easier to put it off or to determine that we just need to stick it out and things will improve.

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My life is very different now. She said people see that she is actively involved in school activities and that she has a great network of friends so they accuse her of faking it for attention.

In it, pebbles will be painted with messages encouraging local people to change the way they think about mental illness and to offer support for those who need it.

"It is also not a reflection of who we are as people". He said yes so I went home. (But) suddenly you're out there in the real world, and maybe your marks aren't quite as good, maybe you're not getting to play, maybe the stresses on you are unreasonable - you've got to have a way to manage that.

"Instead of saying someone is insane say it's someone with a mental illness", she said.

"I had really bad postpartum depression to the point where I felt like I hated my baby", said Lilly. Because you don't want to find out too late. The more you speak the more you realise you're not alone and there are people out there to talk to.

The Leafs' players are idolized by youngsters and adults alike, but all players understand what appears to be a glamorous lifestyle on the surface can mask the trials and tribulations that can weigh down someone's existence. "And so we've lit the sign today, the Winnipeg sign is in the blue Bell Let's Talk colours, because we want to get the message out that these conversations are needed and are happening in the city of Winnipeg". Family, friends and coworkers can provide empathy and be understanding as someone deals with what ails them, and a more aware society will lead to exactly that type of support.

She was immediately put on medication to treat her bipolar condition and at LMH, started learning how to deal with her bipolar illness, and not exclusively depression on its own.

"Having these all important conversations can make a big difference to many people". If no one asks you how you are then it is so much harder to talk about it.

TRU joins the conversation on Bell Let's Talk Day