February 25, 2018

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Super Bowl LII: Patriots and Eagles set for showdown

02 February 2018

Luckily, the New England Patriots had an extra week to provide their beloved tight end with more time to recover since the argument can be made that Gronkowski wouldn't have been able to play last Sunday, but also this news that he's cleared concussion protocol shouldn't come as that much of a surprise to the Eagles. Tom Brady (2007) and Peyton Manning (2013) all came in with prolific numbers but walked away losers. It's a split-second to make a decision.

Belichick continued, "Just trying to do the best job I can for our team the next few days and be at our best on Sunday afternoon against the Eagles..."

Sure, I'd love to see Pederson carried off the field the way Don Shula was carried off the field, with Pederson's help, those 25 years ago. I know what my goals are and what our team's goals are. The over has also hit in four of the last five Super Bowls.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady says he wants to continue playing football into his mid-40s and wonders why everyone wants him to retire. If he can play at a high level - and there have been no overt signs of slippage - he'll have a chance to stack even more Super Bowl titles. What he did was make just enough plays to get the victory, kind of like what he hopes the Eagles do on Sunday against the New England Patriots. Ever since that line was posted for the Super Bowl, the Pros and the Joes have been pounding the Eagles.

Former Eagles coach Andy Reid's clock management was a major issue in that game. In order to beat them in the Super Bowl, Doug Pederson and the Philadelphia Eagles seem to be adopting a similar mentality. Brady and Hoody will be in their usual F you mode, and with Gronk back, and everyone loving the Eagles, I am going with the Patriots -4. The trip offered Brady an opportunity to spread football around the world, but more importantly, spend more time with his oldest son. No team has won the Super Bowl while failing to force a turnover. (Defensive coordinator) Jim (Schwartz) is going to have a good game plan for us.

"I think the execution with the ball in those last two games probably haven't been where we have throughout the summer", Southee said.

"Just try to deal with what we got".

"All those guys are similar in that they're not one-trick ponies", Schwartz said of Cox, Philly's top-paid player at $11.5 million a year. But if he plays (and it's looking like he will), he represents a massive boost for the Pats' offence - and too big a problem for the Eagles' defence to overcome, no matter how accomplished they've been this season. He has a spirit about him that's unmatched that no one can really duplicate. There is all manner of betting speculation around Justin Timberlake being the featured halftime show performer, 14 years after the infamous "Nipplegate" incident with Janet Jackson at Super Bowl XVIII.

Super Bowl LII: Patriots and Eagles set for showdown