February 25, 2018

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Spotify Launches New App Featuring Its Most Popular Playlists

03 February 2018

"When you have access to all the music in the world, finding the right thing to play can feel like a challenge". It also touts the fact that users don't need to search for anything, or type into the app at all.

Spotify is clearly focusing on ease of use with Stations as the app will automatically begin playing music when you open it and create playlists tailored to your tastes based on the songs you've "liked" in the past. The app called "Stations" was quietly released in Australia for Androids on Tuesday, according to The Daily Dot.

Stations is just a small experiment for now, so Spotify isn't making it widely available, reports Variety.

As soon as you login with your Spotify account, you'll be greeted with an unexpectedly simplistic interface with large, minimalist font detailing all of Spotify's genre-based stations such as Hip Hop, Indie, and even Discover Weekly and Release Radar. Apparently you can add or delete playlists that exist, but can't create new ones.

Spotify is testing an app that sees it move firmly into Pandora's territory.

Strangely whether you're a free listener or a Premium subscriber you won't be able to skip tracks, so whatever you're streaming you have to commit or find a new playlist. The app is now incompatible with some key Android devices, including Google's Pixel phone, and had been downloaded less than 100 times at the time of writing. An app that's all about easy, quick listening seems particularly built to woo Pandora's millions of free users who want a convenient, lean-back experience with little user input required.

In case you already have the Spotify app for iOS installed on your phone, you can simply switch on the new Spotify iMessage app from the iMessage App Store.

Spotify Launches New App Featuring Its Most Popular Playlists