February 25, 2018

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Salesforce invests $2 billion into its Canadian business

10 February 2018

He will then visit the AppDirect offices to meet with employees.

Last month, U.S. Trade Rep. Robert Lighthizer said talks to rewrite NAFTA are progressing very slowly.

"The point of those meetings is to portray Canada as a good place to invest. and to explore opportunities related to job growth with those prominent business leaders who may be interested in expanding their operations in Canada", said spokesman Cameron Ahmad. As American employers worry about access to foreign workers, Canada is offering a two-week fast-track employment permit for certain workers, dubbed the "global skills strategy visa". "The truth is that President Trump and I agree about this: Too many people have been left behind, even as our economies surged", he said.

Trudeau demurred when asked whether Trump's immigration efforts are making the sales pitch easier, pointing to the power of globalism.

Mr. Trudeau wrote to Mr. Bezos a year ago, asking him to consider Canada for the company's second headquarters, because of its inclusiveness, single-payer health- care system, and an immigration system created to attract high-skilled talent. Toronto is the only city outside the USA on the company's shortlist.

Trudeau's stop in San Francisco highlights the already strong ties between Canada and California, particularly in research, academia and technology.

The prime minister conceded there has been "a lot of grumbling'" about trade, adding that the economies of Canada, the USA and Mexico have thrived over the almost 25 years of NAFTA.

Trump called NAFTA a job-killing "disaster" on the campaign trail and has threatened to withdraw from it if he can't get what he wants.

The lengthy talks have increased the political pressure and the rhetoric in Canada, where the stakes are high.

"We're going to continue to make an argument that it's not enough to just trade, we have to ensure that the benefits of trade are properly and fairly shared", he said. During a tour of the Reagan Library, Mr. Trudeau was given a copy of pages from the U.S. He pointed out that the relationship between the US and Canada is what's important, but that the Canadian people expect him to have a constructive working relationship with whoever is president of the USA and to stand up for Canadian values.

Salesforce invests $2 billion into its Canadian business