March 24, 2018

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Priya Varrier robs hearts with her expressions

15 February 2018

Her appearance in the song Manikya Malaraya Poovi from an upcoming Malayalam movie by Omar Lulu called Oru Adaar Love has created waves across the country.

After watching the girl in the video, everyone liked her expressions and they went insane about her on social media. With Valentine's day just round the corner Malayalam actress Priya has stolen everyone's heart just with her wink.

But hey, there is someone without whom she wouldn't have been the overnight viral sensation, she is today! There is a reason why she is a national crush, of course she is drop dead gorgeous, but more than that she has a girl-next-door, earthy quality about her which makes her so rooted, yet elusive. She also acquired a record breaking following on Instagram, increasing the followers count to a whopping 2.3 million, which is unprecedented for someone who has featured only for 30 seconds in a 3 minutes song for the movie.

Priya shot to fame with her viral videos and has covered the distance from being "no one to someone".

Soon Twitterati was ready with a lot of memes of Priya Varrier which also didn't spare the Indian cricketers.

According to reports, Priya got 606k followers on Instagram in 24 hours, making it the third highest number of followers anyone has managed to get. Don't know how to handle so much love.

Just after surpassing the million mark, Priya took to Twitter to thank the internet for showering her with love.

It is also reported that earlier, 18-year-old was given a small role in the movie but after she became famous, she will play a lead role. My studies and my dream of becoming an actor are the two focal points of my life.

Not just only her wink that people are in love with Priya's singing talent.

"He has said she's to give interviews only after the film releases".

Here are a couple of more pictures of her to swoon all over again. On Valentine's Day, I'll have to go to college because attendance is a problem.

Priya Varrier robs hearts with her expressions