February 25, 2018

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President Trump to pull nomination of top environmental adviser

05 February 2018

The White House plans to withdraw the nomination of Kathleen Hartnett White to lead the Council on Environmental Quality, an administration official confirmed to E&E News.

Kathleen Hartnett White was announced last October as President Trump's choice to chair the Council on Environmental Quality.

When Oregon Democrat Jeff Merkley pressed her on her past comments at the confirmation hearing, Hartnett White responded, "I believe those words, senator, with all due respect, have been taken out of context". Testifying in the fall before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, she said that while humans probably contribute to current warming, "the extent to which, I think, is very uncertain".

The statement contradicts the conclusion of most scientific experts and the findings of the United States federal government.

The Washington Post first reported the plans late Saturday. The previous Texas controller has a past filled with addressing set up science that man-made greenhouse gases are a noteworthy supporter of climate change.

"But I believe that there are differences of opinions on that, that there's not one right answer", she added. "I jumped ahead. Climate change is of course real". She has, for example, publicly doubted that carbon emissions are harmful pollutants.

While advancing a book she co-wrote in 2016, Fueling Freedom: Exposing the Mad War on Energy, Hartnett White commended non-renewable energy source vitality for doing "work that we generally would need to do [ourselves]".

In any case, Buchele says Hartnett White revealed to him years before that "she bolstered directions, just not to the detriment of development and that industry is really fundamental to a sound situation".

During Perry's tenure as governor of Texas, White often was critical of what she called the Obama administration's "imperial EPA", the Environmental Protection Agency, and she opposed stricter limits on air and water pollution.

Hartnett White once headed the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and now serves as a fellow at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

Withdrawing White's name may clear the way for Senate consideration of other environmental nominees.

President Trump to pull nomination of top environmental adviser