February 25, 2018

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Kenya police tear gas protesters over close of 4 TV stations

07 February 2018

The government responded to Odinga's event by declaring his opposition movement a criminal organization and investigating "conspirators" in the ceremony. Miguna Miguna was taken from his Nairobi home to a police station, the NASA coalition wrote on its Twitter feed.

Miguba Miguna, a Kenyan opposition leader who was arrested last Friday for his presence at the "swearing-in" ceremony of opposition leader Raila Odinga has been charged with treason.

Raila Odinga was sworn in by the Kenyan opposition National Super Alliance (NASA) party last week as "people's president" in the capital Nairobi.

Police spokesman Charles Owino did not answer his phone when called for comment on the arrest.

The charge sheet presented by police to a court in Kajiado County, neighbouring Nairobi, said Miguna Miguna was being charged with "being present and consenting to the administration of an oath to commit a capital offence, namely treason". He was freed on bond on Thursday.

According to NTV, a 14-day suspension of the government's shutdown was ordered by the High Court in Kenya, while a legal challenge can be heard.

The government ignored court orders to restore transmission for the stations and to release opposition activist Miguna Miguna.

Two Kenyan television stations have resumed broadcasting after being taken off air for plans to show a rally held by the country's opposition leader.

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) said government's refusal to abide by court orders was contempt for the rule of law and a brazen example of censorship.

The DCI said that the former Nairobi Gubernatorial candidate was apprehended for administering an illegal oath and being a member of NRM, a movement that has since been outlawed by the Government. "The laws are clear".

As the Court ordered a fresh election for October, President Uhuru Kenyatta, bitterly disappointed by the judges' decision, declared with grace, "I don't agree with the decision, but I respect it".

Reports, however, say the general declined to take plea at Kajiado, saying the High Court was waiting for him.

Kenya police tear gas protesters over close of 4 TV stations