January 21, 2018

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Trump postpones his fake "Fake News Awards"

08 January 2018

On January 2, the U.S. president tweeted to say he would be announcing "the most dishonest and corrupt media awards of the year".

Set your smartphone alarms and refresh your RSS feeds appropriately, because Donald Trump will be excitedly announcing the nominees for his self-proclaimed "Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards" on Monday evening.

President Donald Trump who shares a bitter relationship with the mainstream American press has said he will announce the "most dishonest and corrupt" media awards next week.

Trump frequently rails on the media and accuses reporters and networks of being "fake news".

As per the Trump Campaign list, the competition for "King of Fame news" is between three news outlets. Not to be outdone by Colbert, Noah not only purchased a billboard in Times Square but took out a full-page ad in the New York Times promoting The Daily Show as "political propaganda disguised as entertainment" and "monotonous...liberal dogma". Subjects will cover Dishonesty & Bad Reporting in various categories from the Fake News Media. The bad news is he's itching to start a nuclear war. But will he be physically able to give a trophy to someone other than himself?

One big question facing the media is: Will they go live? Traditional news organizations like the New York Times and CNN are sure to walk away with some prizes, but have been characteristically restrained about their ambitions.

Last month the "Trump Make America Great Again Committee", a joint project of the RNC and Trump presidential campaign sent an email to supporters to vote for the top "fake news" story of the year or suggest their own.

It also says the Trump campaign did not expect to win the United States election and Trump himself was "befuddled" by the result, that he was angry A-list stars snubbed his inauguration, and that he found the White House "scary".

Trump postpones his fake