March 18, 2018

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Three in Five First-Time Smokers Become Daily Smokers, Says Study

11 January 2018

Researchers from Queen Mary University, London, analyzed the results of eight surveys on smoking habits in English-speaking countries and found that a single cigarette is enough to spark a daily smoking habit - at least temporarily - in 69 percent of people.

This is according to a new analysis of survey data from Queen Mary University of London, which looked at responses from more than 215,000 participants in the Global Health Data Exchange to find out how many of those who tried a cigarette went on to smoke daily.

However, they did point out questions can be raised over the recall accuracy people have in surveys concerning their smoking history, so more research may be needed in this area. 60 per cent of the youngsters revealed that they had tried a cigarette once in their lifetime, with almost 69 per cent admitted to having progressed to becoming addicts. The study's authors said the research showed the "remarkable hold" cigarettes could establish after one experience.

It is no secret that cigarettes are highly addictive.

The dramatic shift from one-time smoking to a daily habit added to the evidence of the dangers of cigarette addiction, and the researchers believe their information could help in creating guidelines to prevent teens from even trying out cigarettes for fun.

"We've found that the conversion rate from "first time smoker" to "daily smoker" is surprisingly high", he said.

There is typically an air of optimism that comes with the start of the new year that inspires people to make changes in their lives. During the same period, 19.3% of 18-to-24-year-olds used to smoke compared to 25.8% in 2010.

In 2016, 15.8% of British adults smoked which equates to around 7.6 million people. She stated that the government is reluctant to introduce licensing for tobacco retailers even though both the public and retailers are in support of this, notes the BBC. Police officers said that more challans had been issued for drinking publicly and that people were challaned for smoking only when caught red-handed.

Steve Brine, public health minister, added, "Britain is a world leader in tobacco control, and thanks to our tough action smoking rates in England are at an all-time low".

Three in Five First-Time Smokers Become Daily Smokers, Says Study