January 21, 2018

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Monster Hunter World gets a final PS4 beta

06 January 2018

The company also released a press statement offering more details on these monsters that you will be hunting. From what Capcom has been showing, it's safe to assume that the game is packed with a decent amount of content and a world where players will be spending quite some time in. PS4 owners have one more beta before Monster Hunter: World hits consoles on January 26. The beta will stretch from January 18 to January 22.

That's a lot of monster names, but here's one more: Deviljho. There's even a branded Visa card on the way.

Last but not least the developer revealed some of their post-launch plans for the latest Monster Hunter iteration. Monster Hunter Meat Shack will offer food, alcohol and a chance to play up to 90 minutes of World. So now you know what you'll need to penetrate those plates and to be wary of its defensive maneuvers. The original allotment for the Meat Shack's four-day run have been claimed but event organizers say more tickets will be released January 10.

Monster Hunter's wide array of Elder Dragons have always been some of the most risky and enjoyable fights the series has to offer, and now players can take a look at the many they will have to face. They include Teostra and Kushala Daora. The first major update is already confirmed for spring 2018, and will bring the Devilijho to World for the strongest and bravest among the hunters that are exploring the world. You can check out the latest trailer featuring the Elder Dragons down below.

Monster Hunter World gets a final PS4 beta