February 25, 2018

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Get two Sonos One speakers for the price of a HomePod

26 January 2018

Priced at $349, Apple's smart speaker was originally set to be unveiled in December.

When I listened to the speaker next to Google Home Max, the latest Amazon Echo, and Sonos One, the vocals were consistently crisper and clearer on HomePod.

The Editors' Choice Sonos One also has Amazon's Alexa assistant built right in, which means you can play music using voice commands or through the Sonos or Alexa apps.

For a limited time, audio company Sonos is offering two of its smart "One" speakers for $350 starting Friday. Currently, you'll need to use Apple TVs for multi-room audio; however, you'll eventually be able to use speakers that support the feature like Apple's HomePod or the Sonos ONE. Apple added FLAC compatibility in iOS 11 a year ago, so although it wasn't completely unexpected for the iOS-based HomePod to include FLAC support, it wasn't entirely clear whether the codec would be supported over AirPlay. Or are you going to go bring back a HomePod to Canada from the USA?

While the Apple HomePod is set to roll out only to the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia with its initial launch, there is evidence that the Siri functionality with the Apple HomePod already supports all of the languages that Siri on iOS devices is capable of communicating with. Translating the process from one of their most successful peripherals over to the Apple HomePod would be a way to keep the experience across their ecosystem consistent, which has historically been a priority for the company.

Apple has positioned HomePod as a better-sounding speaker than the Sonos Play:3 which recently saw a price drop, and the Sonos One is even lower in the lineup. It's also by asking Siri that users can control the smart home gadgets around the house. "We think they will be blown away by the audio quality".

But they're not just banking on this 2-for-1 deal in order to appeal to customers who are perhaps choosing between a Sonos One and a HomePod.

As well as ordering the device directly from Apple, you'll also be able to find it on the shelves of Argos, Currys PC World, John Lewis, Very, Littlewoods and EE. The HomePod, on the other hand, only has Siri.

Get two Sonos One speakers for the price of a HomePod