February 25, 2018

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Facebook and YouTube have begun removing videos of idiots eating Tide Pods

20 January 2018

This time around, people are eating single-load Tide Pods and, with this reason-defying phenomenon, comes a wave of memes defending the pods and even videos of teenagers actually eating them.

The joke about eating the brightly coloured Tide Pods which resemble candies has been circulating for years but since the clock rolled over to 2018 an alarming number of teenagers have intentionally eating the pods as part of an internet challenge.

On the laundry detergent packets, a warning on the packaging states to call your poison control center if swallowed.

"YouTube's Community Guidelines prohibit content that's meant to encourage risky activities that have an inherent risk of physical harm", a Google spokesperson told CNN. "We work to quickly remove flagged videos that violate our polices", a spokesperson told

The viral challenge involves people biting into a Tide Pod - a liquid laundry pac created to throw in a washing machine where it dissolves to wash clothes - and filming their reactions.

Meanwhile, Proctor & Gamble, which owns Tide, recently launched a campaign to warn people against eating laundry detergent. Now Google has stepped up its efforts, saying that it is actively removing videos portraying the potentially unsafe action.

The "Tide pod challenge" as its called is the latest viral trend and its resulted in more than 40 hospitalizations in Canada and the US this month alone. "DOING LAUNDRY. Nothing else". The first "Tide Pod Challenge" was posted on YouTube in 2014.

The video is going viral right now.

Last year, USA poison control centres received reports of more than 10,500 children younger than 5 who were exposed to the capsules.

Ann Marie Buerkle, acting chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, told CBS that ingesting the liquid within detergent pods could be deadly.

Patterson said they sold more than 50 of the Tide Pod donuts Wednesday, the only day they were selling them.

It has parents on edge as it could do severe damage to someone through the use of laundry pods. At the beginning, Tide was mostly anxious about Toddlers eating the pods, and even changed the packaging to make it harder for them to open.

Facebook and YouTube have begun removing videos of idiots eating Tide Pods