January 23, 2018

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YouTube Exploring New "Stories" Feature

01 December 2017

In the Community section, creators can share polls, pictures, text, GIFs and other content which are created to let channels feed their fans new content on YouTube itself, instead of other social media platforms in the period between major video uploads. YouTube's reasoning behind this new feature is similar to the arguments put forth by Facebook and Snap.

Unlike versions on other platforms, YouTube's reels won't expire, and creators are allowed to host more than one at a time.

But the move underscores YouTube's continued attempt to become more social and community-oriented. Not all the creators are receiving YouTube "Reels".

The company told the technology news portal that Reels aims to let YouTubers express themselves and engage with fans without having to post a full video. Additionally, YouTube Community also allows content creators to easily link to other videos and take advantage of various stickers.

However, YouTube's Reels don't expire after 24 hours, and can be kept forever or organized into folders for different events and projects. Community features, which are now available to channels with more than 10,000 subscribers, let creators share pictures, text, GIFs, polls and other content with their audiences. Under this feature, creators can record a few videos of up to 30 seconds each. Well, it appears that more creators other than those invited by YouTube past year will now be able to interact with their subscribers through GIFs, photos, polls, and texts, in addition to just videos. YouTube Reels was first spotted in May 2017 but no details were revealed then. However, unlike Stories, videos posted on Reels will not come with an expiry date.

Meanwhile, "your most engaged viewers" can now see Community posts in their Home feed, whether or not they're subscribed to your channel. YouTube also says that it has optimized notifications for Community.

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