February 23, 2018

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Villa Park product Aaron Boone to be named next manager of Yankees

03 December 2017

Aaron Boone will be named the next manager of the New York Yankees, sources told ESPN's Buster Olney.

Boone and Giants bench coach Hensley Meulins were said to be the two finalists for the job, but Giants beat writer Henry Schulman reported Meulins would not be leaving San Francisco. His 11th-inning home run off Boston's Tim Wakefield won Game 7 of the AL Championship Series for the Yankees against Boston.

Boone has been an ESPN baseball analyst since 2010.

The New York Yankees officially have a new skipper! He spent most of his 12-year Major League Baseball career with the Cincinnati Reds.

The Yankees signed Boone to return as their third baseman in 2004, but when he tore his anterior cruciate ligament playing basketball that January, the team traded for Alex Rodriguez and cut Boone, costing him most of his $5.75 million salary. "Certainly, it's fair to question my experience in actually doing the job, but I would say in a way I've been preparing for this job for the last 44 years". Hopefully, Aaron will have more managerial success than his father, as Bob never led a team to an above-.500 record in six seasons.

During the interview process, Cashman consulted with Alex Rodriguez, but the former Yankee was not a candidate. He said Cashman contacted him about succeeding Girardi, whose contract was not renewed despite the Yankees' surprising surge to the ALCS.

The New York Yankees have apparently decided that the right fit is more important when it comes to their managerial vacancy.

In his conference call with the news media following his interview, Boone outlined his conversation with the Yankees, which he said centered around his stance and background in analytics and his communication style with players.

"And I very much think that my job as manager would be to forge really strong relationships where these players understand that me and my staff are going to really care about them, that they're going to be able to trust us".

Fortunately, Beltran's baseball mind could still be with the Yankees in some capacity next year. Eric Wedge and Chris Woodward were also considered by the Yankees. That's a good thing, because Aaron Boone doesn't have any.

In a conference call with reporters on November 17, after his interview with the Yankees, Boone said he would relish the high-pressure job of managing the storied franchise.

Boone had a rather pedestrian career as a player but the highlight of his career came as a member of the Yankees.

Villa Park product Aaron Boone to be named next manager of Yankees