January 23, 2018

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Scientists say which fruit can help smokers cure their lungs

24 December 2017

"Our study suggests that eating more fruits on a regular basis can help attenuate the decline as people age, and might even help fix damage caused by smoking", Garcia-Larsen said.

The decline in function of the lungs over 10 years was slower in former smokers that had high tomato and fruit consumption, specifically apples, according to new studies by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, which suggest that components of these ingredients may restore damage to the lungs caused by routine smoking. However, this study has shown fresh fruit diet and tomatoes can help those people too in recovering process.

After exploring the good chemicals found in these fruits and vegetables, they discovered the optimal effect is achieved after eating two tomatoes and three apples per day. A new study has shown that person who eats two tomatoes per day promotes the slower rate of natural lung function decline.

The researchers found such positive aspects even in individuals who continued to smoke but ate large amounts of tomatoes, but the result was not the same with other dietary sources such as processed foods containing fruits and vegetables like tomato sauce.

Similar benefits, they said, were observed for people who ate more than three portions of fresh fruit a day, especially apples. It added that this kind of diet heals damages caused by smoking. Meanwhile, the research was published in the European Respiratory Journal. "The findings support the need for dietary recommendations, especially for people at risk of developing respiratory diseases such as COPD".

The researchers measured how much air each person could expel from their lungs in one second and how much they could inhale in six seconds.

As per the researchers, in addition to keeping your lungs young, tomatoes have been linked to a decreased risk of prostate cancer and heart diseases. The participants from Germany, Norway and United Kingdom were given questionnaires that analysed diets and nutrition.

Other factors, such as the participants' age, height, weight, gender, income and level of physical activity, were taken into account in analysing any association between diet and lung health, the team said.

"Diet could become one way of combating rising diagnosis of COPD around the world", said Vanessa Garcia-Larsen, the school's assistant professor.

Scientists say which fruit can help smokers cure their lungs