January 22, 2018

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Google Home Max now on sale from Google Store and Verizon

12 December 2017

The big box retailer says it will be able to deliver the Assistant enabled smart speaker as early as tomorrow, if you choose expedited shipping.

The foot on the bottom comes off. If you were hoping to find the product on Amazon, you're out of luck because Amazon refuses to sell Google products right now due to their ongoing feud. Google Store is yet to list down the Google Home Max smart speaker, however we can expect the new speaker to be officially available in next couple of days. Download either the iOS or Android Google Home app onto your smartphone and accept the terms of service.

The Home Max can be used in two orientations - vertically and horizontally.

The Smart Sound technology of Google Home Max allows it to adapt itself wherever you place it in the room. You can tell Google to sync all of your devices at once, or proceed one type at a time. It also has Bluetooth connectivity on board. The top of the Google Home Max is a touch surface where you can control music volume and play or pause the music. For Google Play Music and YouTube Red, accounts are linked automatically when you link your Google Account. A few Verizon retail outlets will also be having the Google Home Max in stock, and the speakers will be available in pop up Made By Google stores in NY and Los Angeles. For Spotify and Pandora you will need to link your account. The Home Max offers powerful sound quality. Whether you're the owner of a smart lightbulb, smart outlet, security camera, or all of the above, managing your devices can get tricky, especially if you're amassing a collection. Will you purchase this new Google Home Max speaker in future?

Google Home Max now on sale from Google Store and Verizon