January 23, 2018

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Google Datally Android app gives fine-grained mobile data control

01 December 2017

After several months of secret testing, Google today introduces Datally, a smart data management app that enables smartphone users to control, monitor and save mobile data.

Secondly, it also help users block background data usage and track real-time data usage while using each of the apps.

Datally requires a device running Android 5.0 or higher, and is available globally.

During a trial in the Philippines, users saved up to 30 percent of their data, Google said.

Google's Datally app for mobile data conservation.

In these countries, and others, making the most of the limited data is a top priority.

The latest service is a part of Google's Next Billion Users division through which Google wants to make internet services more accessible to people in countries where technical support is not as fast or affordable as in the United States or Western Europe. Datally's Data Saver feature turns off background data for these non-essential functions and lets you manage data usage on an app-by-app basis. Unlike the built-in tools and third party applications, Datally has been built to work as seamlessly as possible with your Android smartphone. The app install size is 4.8MB and once you install the app it asks for a number of requisite permissions. "The visibility gives users more confidence to use those apps". Are you a heavy data user at night?

To fully use smartphones, you need data Mich Atanga, head of communications and public affairs at Google South Africa, told invited journalists that Google has seven products that are used by one billion people worldwide. Google has released an app of its own which can help curb the extra costs that could be incurred due to this. There is a chat bubble as well that pops up to notify when an app connected to the internet is active and how much data it is draining. Google has also given it the ability to find WiFi hotspots it can connect to. Google's program also reveals how much data the main app now running in the foreground is using up.

Google Datally Android app gives fine-grained mobile data control