January 23, 2018

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Gas Prices Drop 3.3 Cents In Chattanooga

20 December 2017

Good news for anyone planning to drive this holiday: AAA does not expect the national average to jump before the end of the year.

Gas prices have finally dropped below where they were when Hurrican Harvey sent them skyrocketing.

In San Antonio, GasBuddy reported Monday that average gas prices stood at $2.05 a gallon, a 5 cent drop over the previous week. "AAA forecasts a record-setting 97.4 million Americans will take a road trip during the final 10 days of the year". The Allentown-Easton-Bethlehem average was about $2.42.

Gas prices are 12 percent higher this year in Rhode Island than last year, when the average price of gas was $2.24 per gallon, a difference of 28 cents.

Adding to the declining trend, USA refineries switch late in the year to a winter blend of gasoline, which is less expensive to make because more steps are needed with the summer blend to prevent excessive evaporation.

So far this year, the highest average price in Florida was $2.73 on September 9 and the lowest was $2.13 on July 17.

Gas prices are at their lowest price in more than 100 days, but only less expensive in relative terms.

Gas prices in Rhode Island are nine cents above the national average of $2.43 per gallon, and MA is three cents above the national average. The cheapest was $2.30 in the Tampa-St.

However, these numbers are still much higher than those from previous year.

Florida gas prices average $2.38 on Sunday, 13 cents less than a month ago and 6 cents more than this time past year.

"As long as demand for gasoline continues to weaken, gasoline inventories will continue growing and it'll be the gift that keeps on giving", he said.

Gas Prices Drop 3.3 Cents In Chattanooga