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Facebook Messenger is down: Here's how 'Facebook refugees' reacted on Twitter

07 December 2017

Just as vocal are parents who said children's adoption of technology is an inevitability and appreciated Facebook's approach with the new app. Users were presented with the message "chat is now unavailable".

While working together with these agencies, Facebook came up with a set of guidelines that helped them in conceptualizing Messenger Kids.

The company have pitched Messenger Kids as a way for children to communicate with family as well as friends, with parents getting complete control over what their offspring see. They may do so using their own standard Messenger app. Preteens and teenagers already flock to YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and, general interest sites whose policies state that they are not for use by children younger than 13.

It has not responded directly to Mr Hunt's tweet, but in a blog post, Facebook's Loren Cheng said the company had spoken to thousands of parents and dozens of experts in child development and online safety. The narrowed app was designed after consultation with hundreds of parents and several children's advocates, such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Facebook said.

To know more about children's needs, and the risks they face online, Facebook collaborated with various agencies and institutions such as the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Center on Media and Child Health, Connect Safely, and the Sesame Workshop. "We appreciate that for now, the product is ad-free and appears created to put parents in control".

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is spending December on parental leave with his two daughters, hasn't spoken publicly yet about Messenger Kids.

The app offers a simplified version of the standard Messenger, requiring explicit parental approval and excluding some features.

Then, authenticate your child's iOS device using your own Facebook username and password. Facebook's safeguards have made it more hard for strangers to contact a child, they said. In layman's terms, it means kids get all the perks of video chatting and parents get peace of mind knowing that they're only allowed to talk to preapproved contacts. Facebook plans to release Android and Amazon versions next year.

Even so, child heath experts like Dunaway remain skeptical.

This is why Facebook as well many other social media companies forbid and prohibited the younger kids from joining.

Facebook Messenger is down: Here's how 'Facebook refugees' reacted on Twitter