January 22, 2018

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Facebook data requests shows 2.6% increase through June 2017

20 December 2017

Authorities in India, the second largest source of Facebook user data requests, filed 9,853 requests for 13,752 accounts. Facebook said 217,265 of substance in its informal community were expelled after it followed up on 81 percent of 14,279 claims in the principal half of the year.

From January to June, Facebook restricted content 28,036 times, an uptick of 304 percent compared to last six months of 2016.

The government had in the said period, made a total of 44 requests for information on 44 Facebook account holders.

The worldwide data on intellectual property-related takedowns is a new disclosure for Facebook as part of its biannual "Transparency Report", Chris Sonderby, a Deputy General Counsel at Facebook, said in a blog post. Surprisingly, Pakistan's request for restricting targeted Facebook Content increased in the first half of the year 2017, according to the report of Pakistan's request for data by Facebook.

Over 57% of the account data requests came with a non-disclosure order.

Compared to the first half of 2016, where the number of requests stood at 6,324, this is almost a 55 per cent jump for 2017. So, we scrutinize each request for legal sufficiency, no matter which country is making the request, and challenge those that are deficient or overly broad. Facebook suggested these shutdowns can create barriers for businesses and prevent people from sharing and communicating with their family and friends. These orders enable U.S. authorities such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation to secretly acquire information from companies about their customers without requiring a warrant. Copies of the NSLs, as well as the government's authorization letters are available for download below. Around 70,000 requests for copyright were submitted to Instagram, with 685,000 posts removed.

Almost 111,000 posts were removed from Facebook because of trademark infringement, and 37,478 from Instagram. Keep in mind that when it comes to the sheer market size, India is the number two market for Facebook, with over 201 million users in the country.

Social media company Facebook has revealed it removed almost 3 million posts in the first half of 2017 following IP infringement complaints. On Instagram, it made a move against 108,094 posts following 10,231 fake cases.

Facebook data requests shows 2.6% increase through June 2017