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CBFC seeks several cuts, change in name for certifying 'Padmavati'

31 December 2017

According to CBFC chairman Prasoon Joshi the reports of 26 cuts, appearing in a section of media, are incorrect.

The film was also asked to give a few disclaimers - one of them regarding not glorifying the practice of Sati and also relevant modifications in the song "Ghoomar" to befit the character portrayed, a CBFC statement said. The source of the portal says that the name of the film might be changed to Padmavat.

Besides Deepika Padukone being in the title role, the film stars Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, among other lead roles.

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Bhansali Productions, in a written communication to the CBFC, had earlier requested that a panel of historians/academicians and members of the Rajput community should watch the film.

The film, which was to release on December 1, has been embroiled in controversy over alleged distortion of facts regarding Rajput history, with Rajput outfits and some backed by the BJP, actively protesting its release.

According to the officials, the decision was taken keeping in mind the views of the filmmakers and Indian society.

The filmmakers submitted the final 3D application of the movie on December 28. The board asked for several cuts, and a name change, before giving the film the certification for showing in theatres in India. Organistions such as the Karni Sena not only manhandled Bhansali and disrupted the film's shoot in Rajasthan, they called for a ban on Padmavati's release in the state.

Commenting on the three-member panel that reviewed the film, he said, "The royal being referred to in today's news as part of the panel that reviewed the film was not the head of the family, Maharana Mahendra Singhji Mewar, or me". "Our people will be outside cinema halls and each hall which shows the film will be vandalised".

Filmmaker Rahul Dholakia was "disgusted" by CBFC's decision. "Now that Gujarat and Himachal are won, "Padmavati" has got its U/A, it will be praised..." He has also said that "Padmavat" written by Malik Mohammed Jaysi can not be accepted as a historical fact. "We will continue our protests". Along with the certificate, the film will also have a disclaimer.

CBFC seeks several cuts, change in name for certifying 'Padmavati'