February 23, 2018

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Amazon Australia has finally launched... and it's frankly underwhelming

05 December 2017

The Australian Financial Review has revealed that shares in Australia-based global delivery logistics software company GetSwift doubled on Friday, 1 December, following the news that it has signed a "master services agreement" with Amazon.

The new service will be backed by a fulfilment centre in Melbourne.

Australians living in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide will have access to Amazon's fabled next-day delivery service for $9.99 while Perth and regional cities in across the country will pay $11.99 for two-day delivery.

The US retailer is known for sacrificing profit for sales through aggressively low prices and its greater presence in Australia is expected to benefit customers but bring more pain for local retailers. Still, it's a huge blow to our $16 billion retail sector.

Amazon Australia at launch has a pretty good range including Chromebooks from $289.23 for the Asus C202SA which should make everyone a bit happier about Chromebook availability in Australia.

Braeuniger said Amazon will create thousands of new jobs and invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Australia.

US Retail giant Amazon has launched its Australian website - but Australian shoppers have so far been underwhelmed.

"We recognise that Amazon's entry will, of course, impact on the Australian retail landscape, but we view the current price weakness in Australian retail stocks as an over-reaction, given the strengths of major shopping malls, and their leverage to Australia's employment and population growth".

"My main take away [from meeting USA retailers] was that Amazon's key advantage is that its strategy is driven by data, not gut feel, and the key source of this data is the Marketplace. I think this may prove hard", Power said.

Amazon's grocery chain, Amazon Fresh, will also not be available at first, though it is expected to open in Australia at some point. "However, we see that the good-quality large retailers are likely to survive or even thrive in the face of Amazon". Small businesses selling on Amazon Marketplace globally have employed more than 600,000 people to support their Amazon activity.

Amazon Australia has finally launched... and it's frankly underwhelming