January 23, 2018

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We're razing our Redmond campus to build a mini city

30 November 2017

Microsoft will add about 2.5 million square feet in new construction and will renovate another 6.7 million square feet, primarily in the section of campus east of Highway 520, where numerous original buildings built in the mid-80s still stand.

Microsoft wrote on its blog, "This project represents a significant investment by the company, will involve roughly 2,500 construction and development jobs, and will take five to seven years to complete".

Microsoft headquarters was from its early days, and well into the 21st century, a campus for software engineers driving their roadsters to parking lots surrounding buildings full of individual offices.

PixabayMicrosoft Redmond campus - what are the plans?

The renovation will see the iconic X-shaped buildings of Bill Gates' Microsoft era go. "There's an opportunity to build a somewhat denser campus and create a somewhat more urban feel", Smith said. But unlike Amazon, it doesn't need a second headquarters in order to excel.

Microsoft plans upgrade for Redmond headquarters
Investing to grow right here at home - The Official Microsoft Blog

With the announcement, Microsoft is seeking to match the workplace upgrades many of its biggest rivals are pursuing. However, with the new buildings, the company plans to take a different approach.

Microsoft started renovating office spaces almost a decade ago and has already modernized several buildings in the open-format style. The campus will be divided into "team neighborhoods", which I imagine turns every single day into a corporate retreat team-building exercise. The coming expansion will just about tap out that extra room. (Construction is expected to begin next fall.) Microsoft has some 47,000 employees in the region now.

Microsoft has announced it's going to renovate and expand its Redmond, Washington headquarters in a bid to modernise the business' campus.

Microsoft has leases on office space in Bellevue and Issaquah. The campus will also be connected to WA-520 on both sides and it will tie into the future Redmond Technology Transit Station linking the campus to Link Light Rail in 2023.

Microsoft says that its Redmond HQ has been its home for more than three decades and "crown jewel".

We're razing our Redmond campus to build a mini city