March 18, 2018

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Sex rarely makes heart stop, study shows

14 November 2017

The study found that only one in three people who had heart attack during sex received any CPR from their partner.

All reported cases were based on emergency medical service reports containing detailed information regarding the cause of the cardiac arrest.

Previous research has already found a link between sex and minor cardiac events, so this new paper adds to the understanding of how sexual activity could be linked to serious heart problems. "By the time a person has a cardiac arrest and collapses and someone calls 911 [999 in the UK], the person is destined to die", said Sumeet Chugh, associate director of Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in Los Angeles and lead author of the study.

Research led by Dr. Sumeet Chugh, associate director of the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in Los Angeles, showed that after reviewing more than 300,000 cardiac deaths each year in the USA, less than 1 percent were linked with having sex.

About one in 1,000 women will experience sudden cardiac arrest during sexual activity and compared to one in 100 for men. The risk of that happening is very low, according to a new study.

Washington D.C. [USA], Nov 14: Those anxious whether your heart health is strong enough for between-the-sheets sessions can now take a sigh of relief as according to a new study, heart-stopping sex is pretty uncommon.

About 19 percent of the patients in sex-related cardiac arrest cases survived their ordeal, compared with an average survival rate of around 10 percent nationwide, he said.

Sex resulting in death after a heart attack is a highly unlikely scenario, scientists have deduced. In the category of danger of dying during sex fall male African-American origin aged over 60 years who suffer from tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation of the heart.

Sudden cardiac arrest kills about 350,000 people every year in the United States.

Sex generally is safe for most heart patients, unless they are unable to maintain even low levels of activity or have symptoms that keep them from doing daily chores like making the bed or cleaning the house, the heart experts noted.

Of the cardiac patients playing sports or exercising at the time of their arrest, almost all (95 percent) were in the presence of bystanders at the time and 80 percent received CPR from bystanders before getting to the hospital.

"This highlights the importance of continued efforts to educate the public on the importance of CPR, no matter the circumstance", Chugh said.

Sex rarely makes heart stop, study shows