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Noon deadline looms for defiant Mugabe as Zimbabwe crisis deepens

21 November 2017

18 November: Tens of thousands of people joyfully take to the streets across the country to demand Mugabe's departure and celebrate his apparently imminent demise in scenes of public euphoria not seen since independence in 1980.

Adding to its stunning reversal of allegiances, it threatens to impeach Mugabe if he does not resign by 12pm the next day.

Simon Khaya Moyo, the information minister, said Grace, who had been tipped to take over from Mnangagwa, was expelled because of causing divisions within the party.

Zanu PF Members of Parliament (MP) were on Monday locked in a meeting that started at 4pm as the party prepares to whip its legislators into line ahead of the vote of no confidence in President Robert Mugabe, which they plan to institute in the House of Assembly.

Mnangagwa's reinstatement paves the way for a takeover as either the country's interim president once parliament impeaches Mugabe.

Mugabe fires Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to resolve a succession dispute.

Mr Stewart said Mr Mnangagwa would also be "reaching out to Britain and others because he will want legitimacy" although the change must be led - and seen to be led - by Zimbabwe.

The events leading to Mugabe's predicament came last week when military officials placed the president under house arrest - they said to "remove criminals" around the leader, perhaps a reference to his wife, Grace Mugabe, who he'd been grooming to succeed him as Zimbabwe's leader.

But hours later, Mugabe stunned Zimbabweans in a rambling late night Sunday television address by avoiding any mention of resignation, pledging instead to preside over a party congress next month. "All that people marched for on Saturday was pointless as his (Mugabe's) speech had no clarity and direction of where we are heading as a people".

Mr Mugabe's wife Grace, 52, secured prime position to succeed him, sidelining the vice president, Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was sacked.

"We are expecting the motion to be over (Tuesday)", said ZANU-PF lawmaker Paul Mangwana, referring to the initial procedure to commence impeachment proceedings.

The special Central Committee meeting was attended by at least 201 out of 300 members to rubberstamp recommendations by 10 provincial branches to recall President Robert Mugabe from his position both in the party and government.

However, Mugabe did not offer any concessions in a televised speech Sunday.

Tawanda Majoni, the National Co-ordinator for the Information for Development Trust believes this was a calculated step towards the removal of Mugabe by the military command element that must be understood in the correct context: to give the removal of Mugabe an element of constitutionality.

"Your time is up", veterans association leader Chris Mutsvangwa told reporters on Sunday night.

The war veterans' association will go to court to argue that Mr Mugabe is "derelict of his executive duty", Mr Mutsvangwa said.

As a outcome, the call by the MDC and its alliance partners for an all-inclusive process to take the country to legitimacy is the only way forward.

Noon deadline looms for defiant Mugabe as Zimbabwe crisis deepens