January 24, 2018

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New email scam targets millions of Netflix subscribers

07 November 2017

The e-mails include a link to a fake Netflix page asking users to enter log-in details and eventually their personal and billing information. Scammers can make their fake emails and bogus websites look pretty convincing, so it's always a good idea to check carefully that the email comes from the actual company domain and not a scammer.

The email claims the user's account is on the verge of being suspended unless they enter the credit card information immediately.

In screenshots obtained by the company, the emails tell subscribers that they were unable to validate their billing information for the next cycle of their subscription and that their membership will be suspended if they don't take action within 48 hours.

This screen shot from Mailguard shows what you are likely to see if you click on the link in the email. No Netflix executives exist with that name, according to Mashable.

According to Mailguard, the Netflix email scam works like mail-merge, where the body of the mail is generic, but the sender field is created to show the name of the targeted user, giving a strong and convincing look to the email.

Deadline reported the scam targeted "millions" of subscribers. Netflix users should be extra cautious while reading and responding to any emails as they could be risking their sensitive information.

The phishing attempt was found over the weekend and has targeted as many as 110 million users, according to Deadline. Just last month, a similar phishing email scam targeted the business and corporate email accounts by sending an email that seemed to arrive from Netflix.

New email scam targets millions of Netflix subscribers