January 22, 2018

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More than 100000 people petition Pennsylvania to free Meek Mill

11 November 2017

Mill was previously in jail for eight months and on probation for five years due to a 2008 conviction for gun and drug charges. Naturally, such big news has the hip-hop community feeling distraught, especially given the complicated circumstances surrounding Meek's verdict; while he did violate his probation, it's hard not to feel like the judge was making an example out of him, and thus, doling out "justice" with excessive force.

A Philly judge sentenced the popular rapper to 2 to 4 years in prison for violating probation in the almost decade-old case. "We fully intend to right this awful wrong and bring him home", McMonagle said.

On Monday, rapper Meek Mill was sentenced to two to four years in state prison for failing a drug test. "You basically thumbed your nose at me".

"That, right there, was a totally inappropriate request", said Tacopina, adding that Brinkley also allegedly asked Mill to leave his current management company - Roc Nation - and sign with a Philadelphia local who she has a personal relationship with.

Tacopina told the New York Times that Brinkley behaved inappropriately over the course of the case, including giving the rapper unsolicited advice about who should manage his career and asking Mill to include her name in a song.

"It's some sort of an obsession", Tacopina said.

In 2016, Mill was ordered to serve 90 days on house arrest for violating the terms of his parole.

"Meek Mill has been a powerful voice in the community for our youth", the petition states. The only people in the meeting other than the judge and court stenographer were Mill and his then-girlfriend, hip-hop superstar Nicky Minaj; DeSimone; and Assistant District Attorney Noel A. DeSantis. "She said, 'I'm serious.' He refused to do that", he said.

But Brinkley says she's been trying to help Mill for about a decade and that he just does whatever he wants.

A spokesman for the First Judicial District of Pennsylvania had no comment, citing the fact that the matter is "subject to future litigation".

More than 100000 people petition Pennsylvania to free Meek Mill