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'Dancing With the Stars' Season 25 victor revealed

23 November 2017

After a season full of ideal scores and gushing praise from the judges, singer and actor Jordan Fisher was named the champion of ABC's Dancing with the Stars season 25, and tangoed off with the Mirror Ball trophy.

Warning: This post contains spoiler's about Tuesday night's season 25 finale of Dancing With the Stars.

Make sure to tune in for the finale on Tuesday night (November 21) at 8/7c on ABC! Both Fisher and Arnold nursed injuries this season but performed through the pain on more than one occasion to bring home the Mirror Ball.

"You're right up there with the best we've seen on this show!" Fisher suffered a scratched cornea going into the semi-finals while Arnold performed through a knee injury sustained early on in the season. Violinist Lindsey Stirling came in second. They were then judged on a 24-hour fusion challenge.

Woods may have been buried in books, but she was also freaking out over her boyfriend's winning season, posting a picture of the two kissing to her Instagram soon after the results were announced. Stirling, who overcame her eating disorder, recalled on camera, crying, "It was the darkest time of my life", and said she turned to her Mormon faith to get back her feeling of self-worth.

Muniz suffered traumatic brain injury after he became a vehicle racer and was in a 2009 crash.

"It's the first time in a really long time I put myself out there", the teary-eyed former child sitcom star said.

'Dancing With the Stars' Season 25 victor revealed