January 24, 2018

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Broncos and Raiders brawl in Oakland

28 November 2017

But they weren't done after the play was over.

A fight during the Raiders-Broncos game led a wild brawl with multiple ejections on Sunday in Oakland. Last season, Talib snatched a chain off of Crabtree's neck, prompting Crabtree to confront him on the field. He wanted to come out and wrestle all day.

Harris not only stared down someone from Oakland (likely Crabtree), he had some words for the Raiders player, too.

"I hope the league sees basically how it started and sees I didn't come out there to fight and wrestle with him", Talib said.

"I didn't defend Chris, [Crabtree] came and punched me, he was on his, whatever he was on", Talib said. "He came to fight".

Then, it came to light that Crabtree actually punched Chris Harris Jr. -the corner opposite of Talib-in the gut the play before, seemingly sparking Talib to retaliate on the very next play, sparking the brawl.

Talib and the Broncos will face the Miami Dolphins in Week 13, while Crabtree's Raiders will square off with the New York Giants. "It's unfortunate. I wish it didn't happen, but it happened".

The fireworks came early during Sunday's matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Oakland Raiders, though we're not talking about offense here.

Asked whether he believed he would be fined or suspended by the league - or both - Talib said he hoped the entire incident would be considered.

"I'll say this, I'm not sure how it all started". "I want our guys to simply defuse and walk away, that's what I want". Punches are being thrown, helmets are off. "But we can't get thrown out of a football game when we have a chance to defuse it". But him defending his teammate, I'm all for that. "I jut hope the league see that". I wasn't even defending Chris this time.

Broncos and Raiders brawl in Oakland