January 23, 2018

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Alcohol spirits like gin, rum are mood dampners; beer, wine help relax

24 November 2017

Ultimately the way you feel after a few drinks depends on a number of variables, including the type of booze. The generally accepted view that whisky allows the body to stay warm, tequila makes a person at risk, and gene - to be sad is wrong. These findings suggest that dependent drinkers may rely on alcohol to generate the positive emotions they associate with drinking, the researchers explained.

PIXABAY, BRIDGESWARDDifferent types of alcoholic drink are associated with different moods and emotions, according to a study published online earlier this week (November 20) in BMJ Open.

Most people drink alcohol seeking positive effects, said the study's co-author, Mark Bellis, director of policy, research and global development at Public Health Wales.

One third of respondents to the study were female, with the researchers noting that women were more likely than men to report each emotion as a result of drinking a single type of alcohol. You're also, however, pretty likely to feel ill, according to the 47.82 percent response rate for that particular negative emotion. They were six times more likely to feel aggressive after drinking and also were more likely to feel exhausted or tearful. The only emotions that didn't have disproportionately high percentages are tiredness and relaxedness. This study allowed us to get a fuller picture of the ups and downs people get from drinking, which drinks are linked with which emotions, and which groups are most at risk from some of the most concerning outcomes, such as feeling aggressive. But quaffing the claret also appears to make 60 per cent feel exhausted.

Confidence and sexiness make up the middle ground here; 27.88 percent reported feeling confident and 25.20 percent reported feeling sexy. 50 percent of people who drank beer too shared a similar experience and said that they felt positive while drinking beer. For example, people who drink spirits regularly usually tend to elicit negative feelings when compared to other types of beverages. Once you get there, you'll probably just fall asleep. Drinking red wine can make you want to whisk your partner off to bed.

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A quarter of individuals said drinking spirits induced tearfulness

The study found that 42% of people said they felt sexy after drinking spirits, while just 25% of red wine, 24% of white wine and only 19% of beer drinkers felt the same way.

But What About Your "Drunk Personality?"

"This can become a unsafe spiral, where drinking can be seen as a solution to emotional problems that it is actually aggravating". Each reported how different types of alcohol affected them. For instance, spirits are often consumed more quickly and have much higher concentrations of alcohol in them.

In the meantime, have fun, but drink responsibly!

The bottom line is that I have a lot of questions about the study and its results, and although the whole thing is fascinating, those questions can unfortunately only be answered by further research.

Alcohol spirits like gin, rum are mood dampners; beer, wine help relax