January 23, 2018

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2.7m riders and drivers affected in the UK

30 November 2017

"I am committed to ensuring that those who don't follow these laws can not simply sweep it under the rug".

It's now been announced that of those 57 million, 2.7 million of the affected accounts were based in the UK.

Chicago Corporation Counsel Ed Siskel, who filed the complaint in conjunction with Foxx, said that companies should not be permitted to violate the law by "failing to safeguard personal information and then covering it up, preventing those impacted from taking steps to protect themselves", the station reported.

Separately, prosecutors in the United States have heard that Uber may have hired ex-CIA intelligence operatives to conduct surveillance on its rivals.

About 50 million Uber passengers had their names, addresses and phone numbers breached, but the hackers also got driver's license numbers for about 7 million Uber drivers, including 10,888 in Washington, Ferguson said.

"Washington law is clear: When a data breach puts people at risk, businesses must inform them", Ferguson said in the release. And in Italy, the only European Union country to have announced a full-blown investigation into the Uber incident before Wednesday, the fine may be more than $1 million, with the amount being related to the number of Italians who were affected.

"At no time did Uber notify the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, the plaintiff, class members or other affected individuals", the statement of claim read. "Consumers expect and deserve protection from disclosure of their personal information".

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in King County Superior Court.

Ferguson's lawsuit seeks penalties of up to $2,000 per violation of the state's data-breach-notification law.

Amid reports that Uber paid hackers $100,000 to delete customer information that was obtained in a data breach, a group of senators raised questions on Monday about the alleged breach and the company's response. If that penalty were applied to each of the affected drivers in Washington, it would total almost $22 million in penalties.

"We are monitoring the affected accounts and have flagged them for additional fraud protection", the company said.

2.7m riders and drivers affected in the UK