January 21, 2018

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US mayors OK plan to use only renewable energy

27 June 2017

Mitch Landrieu, pictured, will become president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors this weekend. New Orleans Mayor Landrieu was speaking at the conference when he made the statement. he went on to say that while all the Mayors may not agree on the exact policy to be followed, right away, there is no doubt anywhere that nearly all of them agree that climate change is a big threat that is growing bigger. On those issues, mayors highlight local actions and investment, but are asking the federal government for more resources and cooperation. Today, more than ever, our nation and the people of our nation are looking to mayors to meet the challenges of everyday life as Washington, DC is devoid and bereft of providing leadership, answers and actions to help them in their daily lives. They also strongly rejected plans to increase immigration enforcement and vowed to persuade federal lawmakers to reinstate a popular $3 billion program (Community Development Block Grants) that funds local projects across the country.

Climate change "isn't my issue", he said.

Hundreds of US mayors are meeting this weekend in Miami Beach, mostly to complain about President Trump, just one hour by vehicle south of the president's posh Mar-a-Lago resort.

PHILIP LEVINE: That road is being made higher. And we're also putting in natural boundaries and mangroves to finish it off properly.

Mayors at the conference have overwhelmingly expressed support to fight climate change, especially after the Trump administration pulled out of a global climate agreement last month.

ABC noted that "traditional energy sources still dominate", but the survey said more cities "could use renewable electricity if their states passed legislation". But Cornett, a Republican, and Landrieu, a Democrat, emphasized that many cities don't have the financial standing to do what other cities have done on their own.

"I think most mayors in America don't think we have to wait for a president" whose beliefs on climate change are disconnected from science, New Orleans mayor and new conference president Mitch Landrieu said at the beginning of the conference.

Mayor Landrieu's inaugural remarks drew a sharp contrast between mayors' records of delivering results and Washington's failure to work together and get things done in these challenging times. "There is more work to be done to realize this vision for our nation, but this vote represents an important first step towards cleaner air and water for our families, more good-paying jobs in clean energy, and stronger cities across the country". If the federal government refuses to act or is just paralyzed, the cities themselves, through their mayors, are going to create a national policy by the accumulation of individual efforts. Miami Beach Mayor Phil Levine, the host mayor for the conference, is running for governor in Florida's Democratic primary, alongside his Tallahassee counterpart, Andrew Gillum.

US mayors OK plan to use only renewable energy