January 23, 2018

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Uber adds remote pickups for elderly family members and friends

28 June 2017

The new feature is rolling out in the United States starting today and will be available to 30 other countries.

Uber wants to increase its potential user base by making it easier for you to request rides for other people. This will call up a request dialog that asks whether the ride is for your, or for "Someone Else", which will then open up your address book, let you pick a contact and then set the destination for the ride and send the request.

You and the riders can both get texts that the vehicle is on its way, along with all the usual driver details you'd want to know, like the driver's name, license plate and a view of the route. Riders can simply pay in cash once they've arrived to their destination. The person who requested the ride will be able to track the progress of the ride as well.

The company is couching the release as a way to be more inclusive of more folks, particularly seniors in need of transportation, as family members or caregivers can now handle the booking process on their behalf with minimal effort.

The rider will then receive a text message when their vehicle is on the way, as well as contact details for the driver, and a link to track their route.

Uber is rolling out a new feature that makes it easy to request a ride for someone else. However some places aren't necessarily ideal for pickup which means that drivers might have a harder time locating their rides, or it could be congested and riders have to wait longer for their rides to arrive. Both the rider and the driver will be able to contact one another to make sure everything goes smoothly. Also, the company said Uber Freight won't charge drivers a commission, thereby eliminating issues that have affected its business model in the last couple of years.

Uber adds remote pickups for elderly family members and friends