January 23, 2018

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Snapchat's new feature is more unsafe than we think

27 June 2017

Snap Map lets Snapchat users view Snaps and Stories shared on the app's Our Story feature; view their friend's activity; or share locations with their friends.

The new feature of the once private app is freaking some people out as it broadcasts your exact location every time you open the app, whether or not you snap.

The organization also advises that you can switch off the location-sharing feature at any time, and to put careful consideration into when you choose to share your location.

Instead of just a casual run in with your friends, Snapchat rolled out a new feature where you can find anyone with their location turned on, right at your fingertips.

Snap Map allows people to zoom in to see the street where users last posted a snap. Snap Map was again spot on!

Under the update, users can track and follow friends, and their stories, based on their current location.

Introducing the new feature, Snap Inc said: "We've built a whole new way to explore the world!"

Anyway, upon opening the app, simply pinch out the camera interface. Actionmojis only update when you open Snapchat. You know, business as usual.

While the new update will take some getting used to, avid users said they won't delete the app anytime soon.

Imagine if it were a predator, looking to harm a child. However, the default mode is set to "ghost mode", which means you don't show up on the map.

The second option, My Friends, is pretty self-explanatory. Doing so keeps other people from seeing where you are. It's rather okay to choose this option if you have a relatively small group of trustworthy contacts, but if you have climbed the popularity ladder already, you might want to consider the next option. If you are not interested in making your location known, use the "Ghost Mode" button.

The user then decides whether they want to share their location with their friends. She will not be sharing her location on the app. Nice tinfoil hat, by the way.

Snapchat's new feature is more unsafe than we think