January 23, 2018

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Loretta Lynch now under investigation for possibly tampering with Clinton email probe

25 June 2017

The Senate Judiciary Committee, investigating possible political interference at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, sent a letter to former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Sen. Charles E. Grassley, chairman of the committee, said the investigation is bipartisan. The alleged email was supposed to have said that Lynch had assured the Clinton campaign's Amanda Renteria that the FBI investigation would not "go too far".

Comey in testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Lynch requested he call the Clinton investigation a matter, a request Comey says confused and concerned him.

Comey testified that the revelation of the private meeting is what motivated him to tell the public that the Bureau would not pursue charges.

The group is seeking details about Lynch's communication with a Clinton campaign aide, Amanda Renteria, as well as copies of documents and information about whether the FBI investigated the alleged communication.

"Did anyone from the Federal Bureau of Investigation ever discuss or otherwise mention to you emails, memos, or reports such as those described in these media reports?" the letter asks, according to the Hill.

A key Senate panel wants to know more about former Attorney General Lorretta Lynch's role in the investigation of Hillary Clinton's email server.

An email purportedly sent by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was the Democratic National Committee chair at the time, was reportedly hacked.

The issue of a possible document implicating Lynch is shrouded in conflicting news media reports and testimony implying that the matter has been presented in closed session before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Please describe the communications and provide all related records.

Chaffetz said agency Inspector General Michael Horowitz "has been diving into this" and is expected to release a comprehensive report on Lynch and her oversight on the now-closed FBI email investigation in "the first part of next year".

Circa reported that Comey also discussed his communications with Lynch in a closed-door meeting with lawmakers. Lynch's request "gave the impression the attorney general was looking to align the way we talked about our investigation with the way a political campaign was describing the same activity".

President Donald Trump fired Comey on May 9, citing a memo by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that accused the Federal Bureau of Investigation director of mishandling the Clinton email probe, among other things.

Loretta Lynch now under investigation for possibly tampering with Clinton email probe