January 23, 2018

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Democrats stall Senate work to protest healthcare secrecy

20 June 2017

Lawmakers in the party plan to use a series of stall tactics to draw attention to the way Republicans are writing their version of the American Health Care Act and protest the policy changes that are expected to be in the bill. His chamber has not held any committee hearings or votes on the measure he's trying to craft, and even some GOP senators are critical.

The American Hospital Association warned Senate Republicans Monday against including large cuts to Medicaid in its healthcare bill. "As the Senate continues its deliberative process, we urge you to carefully evaluate the American Health Care Act and consider the important role these specific policies played in building consensus in the House".

The aide spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to openly discuss the plans.

Senate Republicans have been willing to violate rules and norms even more blatantly than the House.

Also on Monday, Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of MA were scheduled to rally supporters against the Republican plan in a Facebook Live event, another Democratic aide said. Voters are increasingly less likely to trust Republicans on health care, and independent voters have been embracing Obamacare.

Lacking the votes to block this year's GOP effort, Democrats are looking to score political points by targeting the closely held process Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is using to write legislation replacing much of Obama's statute.

But Senate Republicans who hail from states that expanded Medicaid under Obamacare say that would cut off vital resources for some of their most vulnerable constituents much too abruptly. The fact that the tax cuts are associated with health care for tens of millions of people is just a coincidence.

"Republicans are drafting this bill in secret because they're ashamed of it, plain and simple,"Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer said in a statement". But GOP senators still disagree on a number of key issues, such as what to do with Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, taxes and tax credits.

Three House committees voted on that chamber's version of the bill and there were a handful of hearings before the House approved a revised version of its legislation last month. Retailers should highlight their individual efforts over the last decade to work in partnership with government and civic leaders to promote solutions to environmental and labor challenges at our nation's ports.

So far, Democrats have had a tough time getting their message out as the Russian Federation investigations are dominating news coverage and reporters are talking primarily to Republicans in a health debate that relies only on their votes. She voted against Republicans' Obamacare repeal bill in 2015.

The Senate won't vote until the Congressional Budget Office evaluates the proposal's effect on health care coverage - including how many Americans would stand to gain or lose coverage. "We believe we all owe it to our constituents to pursue any bipartisan potential legislation because it profoundly impacts so many American lives".

Now, however, some Republicans fear the comment may actually come back to haunt them.

Democrats stall Senate work to protest healthcare secrecy